Bet you've never stayed anywhere quite like Courceriers!

Our gîte is a 17th century tower surrounded by the ruins of an ancient fortress. The tower has been completely renovated to provide comfortable accommodation on 5 floors. The owners are Sophie and Damien GALLAIS.

Courceriers is in north-east Mayenne near the village of Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers which takes its name from the site. It is easily accessed from the Channel ports, four hours drive from Calais and the Eurotunnel terminal and two hours from Caen. Steeped in history, Courceriers was once home to prehistoric man. It has also been a Roman camp ("Caesar's Court"), an important site in Gaul (the Gallic Roman Empire) and a medieval fortress. After this was sacked by English armies in 1419, a château was built on the site, also sadly now dispatched into history. You will be living part of that history when you stay in the tower, all that remains of the château. All around are reminders of Courceriers' glorious past - the massive fortress ramparts, the ruins of the Keep, the valley that was dammed and flooded by the Romans to keep the heathen hordes at bay, the manor houses and the chapel, built in 1418, La Portail (the gatehouse), built in 1657, the old mill......

People with square minds cannot fit into this tower

View of the château across the valley
The ancient ramparts

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