The tower over the lake

The rowing boat
Autumn by the lake

Courceriers was a castle! Let your imagination flow... camping out under the stars, beneath the remains of the 14th century Keep as the campfire flickers away. How many rooms do you want?

The surrounding countryside offers peace and quiet and delightful walks. It is also an area of great historical interest, with outstanding sites ranging from the Renaissance through the Middle-Ages to Pre-historic times. Here are a few examples within a 20 km radius:

The medieval city of SAINTE SUZANNE towering above the river Erve. Castle, ramparts, dungeons and ancient houses bear witness to its rich historical past.

The medieval theme park of CLAIRBOIS with a reconstruction of a 13th century fortified farm. Here you can watch knights jousting and eat medieval fare.

LASSAY LES CHATEAUX, an imposing 15th century fortress, still intact with 2 further 15th century castles nearby, the ruined ‘BOIS FROU’ and the handsome ‘BOIS THIBAULT’ in the course of restoration.

The château du Rocher at MEZANGERS, one of the finest buildings in the Coëvrons area, is a classified Historic Monument with formal gardens in the French style.

SAULGES with its caves and canyon cut into the valley by the river Erve, is a classified Natura 2000 area. It is also a prehistoric site with traces of human life going back 100,000 years.

The town of JUBLAINS, founded by the Romans on a site once revered by the ancient Gauls. The remains of the Roman theatre, temple and baths at JUBLAINS are impressive and well worth a visit.